"Hashmarks" is the Grand Sport Registry (GSR) Members Only Email Discussion List which is replacing the Old GSR Email List which was open to the public and hosted by the National Corvette Museum (NCM) since 2003. Due to repeated delivery failures to many of our members, we were forced to move the List to a new service but we wish to THANK the NCM for their support all these many years.

The old NCM hosted GSR List will continue to operate for a little while longer while we transition over to the new GSR List hosted by Google Groups. The old List and its archives will be retired soon and cease to function so all GSR Members are urged to start using the new List instead.

All active GSR Members are automatically added to the new List. If you do NOT want to participate, we apologize for the inconvenience. See the UNSUBSCRIBE info, below. We hope you choose to stay, however, as this is our primary means of communication and we don't want to see you miss out.

Non-GSR Members may continue to use the 
Old GSR Email List until it is closed down or make use of the GSR Forum which is also open to the public.



The GSR’s Hashmarks Email Discussion List was formed so its members can readily share information and experiences about these special Corvettes. We cater to ALL generations of Grand Sports... including the original 1963 (C2) Grand Sport race cars and replicas, the limited edition 1996 (C4) Grand Sports, the 2010-2013 (C6) and 2017+ (C7) Grand Sport models.


In addition to Grand Sport specific information, we also encourage discussion among our members regarding Corvette related topics of interest... performance and maintenance tips, car care, events, collectibles, etc. But NO politics, for sale ads, or off-topic posts are allowed!


While our obvious focus is and will always be on the Grand Sport, GS or even Corvette ownership is NOT required to be a member of this list or the Grand Sport Registry itself. All you need is a deep appreciation for CORVETTE and an interest in the GS legend... a legend reborn in the GSR.


For additional GS information, please visit the Official Grand Sport Registry web site at





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Lastly, this list is provided as a benefit for Grand Sport Registry Members. Please treat others on this list with respect and civility, and they'll do likewise. Otherwise, your subscription privileges may be revoked.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact me directly.


Thanks and above all else... enjoy that Corvette!


John "Hutch" Hutchinson


"A Legend Reborn!"

The GSR is a Proud Lifetime NCM Club Member