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    1996 GRAND SPORT INFO...

    • 1996 Corvette Vehicle Information Kit   (PDF Format) - Courtesy of the General Motors Heritage Center, this scanned 157-page B&W document was originally published to familiarize dealers with the 1996 Corvette lineup. It includes a wealth of information, history, and vehicle specifications. 9Mb PDF file.

    • 1996 Dealer Corvette Sales Brochure - The complete 1996 brochure with all pages scanned (Note: Original NOS 1996 Dealer Sales Brochures are available in the GSR Store).

    • 1996 GS/LT4 Tech Tips   Member-submitted tips, hints, and how-to's common to 1996 GS and LT4 Corvettes. Owners of other Corvettes are sure to find helpful information here, too.

    • 1996 GS VIN/RPO Database

      The comprehensive 1996 GS VIN/RPO Database is for the exclusive use of GSR Members Only! The information contained in this database was extracted from GM vehicle records, build sheets, and other sources and is believed to be wholly accurate. The database allows you to:

      • Display a list of all 1996 Grand Sport Corvette Regular Production Order (RPO) option codes, their descriptions, and production quantities.
      • Search all VINs that include any combination of the major options (body style, interior color, suspension, etc).
      • Search all VINs that include any combination of ALL Regular Production Order (RPO) option codes, even those odd, obscure ones.
      • Search on a specific Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) resulting in a list of comprehensive data for the selected Grand Sport. The data set includes:

        • Delivering Dealer
        • Warranty Start (In Service) Date
        • Recall Campaign Eligibility
        • Warranty Claim History
        • Gross Vehicle Weight
        • Build Date
        • RPO Option Codes
        • other info

      A very special thanks to GSR Lifetime Members Hank Engle, Steve Thompson, and John Brannan for their invaluable help in making this database possible.

    • 1996 GS VIN/Owners List   (PDF Format)

    • The GS VIN/Owners List is a compilation of vehicle and ownership history of all 1,000 1996 Grand Sport Corvettes that the GSR has collected over time. It includes all major options for each vehicle as well as known past and present owner history. Email, street addresses, and phone numbers have been removed for privacy concerns. While we try to ensure accuracy, the GSR can take no responsibility for errors as this list is only as good as the information we receive from our members. The VIN & major RPO data, however, has been verified against GM vehicle build sheet records. For complete info on all VINs and RPOs, try the GSR VIN/RPO Database, described above. Note: This online version of the GS VIN/Owners List is only published periodically so don't be concerned if your name isn't listed immediately after acquiring a '96 GS.

      A publicly accessible version of the VIN list is available on the 1996 GS & LT4 Data page. This less complete version includes body style, interior color, and suspension options only with no owner data.

      MEMBERS NOTE: The GSR maintains accident history and other information on 1996 Grand Sports that is not visible on this page. If you are considering the purchase of any '96 GS, contact us to see if we have knowledge of any potential "skeletons in the closet." The accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed but it may raise a red flag worthy of further investigation. Help us keep the '96 GS VIN/Owners List up to date!

      If you find 1996 Grand Sport Corvettes not currently listed on the GSR VIN/Owners List, please email any corrections to

    GSR INFO...

    • GSR Membership Info Flyer   A one-page flyer explaining some of the benefits of GSR Membership. Feel free to share this flyer with prospective new members!

    • GSR Membership Brochure   A tri-fold brochure explaining GSR Membership benefits along with an abbreviated membership application form. Feel free to share this flyer with prospective new members!

    • GSR Member Discount Codes   A list of the GSR Member's Only discount codes required by our sponsors. Save 10%, 15%, or more. Put your GSR Membership to work!

    • GM Supplier Pricing Discounts  Complete information on two dealerships that offer GM Supplier Level pricing on new Grand Sport Corvettes to all GSR Members!

    • GSR Membership Roster   The GSR Membership Roster organized by name, city, state, country, year GS (if any), and GSR Membership expiration date. Personal contact info has been removed for privacy concerns. This online version is dynamically generated from the master database so it should always be current. Please email corrections to

    • Grand Sport VIDEOS!   Here you will find links to several YouTube and other videos about the 2010 Grand Sport, 1996 Grand Sport, and 1963 Grand Sport and midyear replicas.

    • Grand Sport STUFF!   All sorts of miscellaneous Grand Sport & Corvette "Stuff" -- Event Photos, 1996 Corvette sales brochure, Corvette & Grand Sport fonts, computer wallpaper, screensavers, etc, for GSR Members Only.

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