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This page is for NEW Members only.

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Purpose: The Official Grand Sport Registry (GSR) is primarily a social automotive enthusiasts group dedicated to all Corvette Grand Sports, including the original 1963 (C2) Grand Sport race cars and midyear replicas, the limited edition 1996 (C4) Grand Sports (RPO Z16 blue and white cars), the 2010-2013 (C6) Grand Sports, and the 2017-2019 (C7) Grand Sport Corvettes. Our purpose is to help each other get more enjoyment out of these very special cars through the exchange of information, participation in social events, supporting the National Corvette Museum, and by keeping "the legend" alive.

Family Membership: A single GSR membership supports both the primary member and his/her spouse or significant other. GSR Membership is open to all Corvette enthusiasts. While Grand Sport Corvette ownership is certainly encouraged, it is not required. Applicants agree to abide by these terms and conditions and in general, the rules of common courtesy. Everybody play nice!

Honorary Membership: At the GSR's discretion, select individuals may be offered GSR Honorary Memberships based on their Grand Sport impact, assistance to the GSR, or support to the overall Corvette community. Names of worthy nominees should be directed to the GSR for consideration.

Member Benefits: Click here for a description of current GSR Member Benefits which apply to both spouses, if applicable. Benefits are subject to change without notice.

Fees: The GSR is supported solely through membership fees, donations, and GSR Store sales. This minimal revenue is essential to provide the benefits and services our members expect and deserve. But we are Corvette enthusiasts, too, so we promise to strive to keep costs to a minimum while securing valuable member benefits and continuing our support of the National Corvette Museum.

Privacy: Personal data such as mailing address, phone number, and email address will never be divulged to third parties, not even other members, without your consent.

Submissions: Unless stated otherwise, photos, articles, and other data submitted to the Grand Sport Registry become the exclusive promotional property of the GSR.

Restrictions: For security purposes, some information regarding vehicle ownership is restricted to GSR Members only. Please do NOT share your GSR password information with non-members. Violation may result in loss of membership privileges.

Grand Sport Corrals: At many Corvette shows, the GSR may have arranged special Grand Sport only parking corrals. While the event organizer makes the final call, GSR Policy is that only true 1996 C4 Grand Sports (the blue & white Z16 optioned cars), 2010-2013 C6 Grand Sports, 2017-2019 C7 Grand Sports, and midyear C2 Grand Sports and replicas should occupy these spaces. Given space is available, additional parking may be allotted for GSR members driving other non-GS Corvettes at one end or another of the corral area. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Sponsors: The GSR is supported financially solely through its membership and the sale of merchandise thorough the online GSR Store. As we are the only Grand Sport owner's organization officially licensed by General Motors, we are able to offer official GM trademark merchandise, often at special discounted prices, through the cooperation of several national vendors. We have worked hard to arrange these discounts and encourage our members to support our sponsors in return. These sponsors provide no financial assistance to the GSR other than the aforementioned discounts.

License: The GSR is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) licensed by General Motors Corporation through EMI and is authorized limited use of certain trademarks for the purpose of promoting interest in the GSR organization and the very special GM cars it is devoted to. Trademark or Copyright infringement is never intentional and improper use of such protected information will be corrected immediately upon request.

Liability: The GSR has none! The GSR is not responsbile for errors in ommission or misrepresentation. Opinions listed in any GSR media is that of the individual responsible and not necessarily that of the GSR, its officers, or members. Participation in any events attended by the GSR and its members is done solely at your own risk. Application for membership indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions without exception.

The Grand Sport Registry is a proud Lifetime Business/Club Member of the National Corvette Museum!

National Corvette Museum: Thanks to the generosity of our members, the GSR is a proud Lifetime Club/Business Member of the National Corvette Museum (NCM). A portion of the GSR's proceeds will be donated to the NCM annually as a show of our continued support of this fine organization. While not required, individual membership in the NCM is highly encouraged. After all, GSR Members are entitled to a 25% discount on new Individual or Family NCM Memberships. So join the NCM today!

GSR Contact Information:

Grand Sport Registry LLC
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Orlando, FL  32828

24 Hour Message Line: 407-259-2742

Summary: Keep the shiny side up, save the wave, and support the National Corvette Museum.

But above all else...

Enjoy that GS!

John 'Hutch' Hutchinson
\\ GSR Skunkmaster

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