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Welcome to the Grand Sport Registry Silent Auction Page! This is a service for GSR Members only. If you are not a member, but would like to participate, contact the GSR at [email protected].

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National Corvette Museum Club Banner
* * * SILENT AUCTION * * *

All proceeds to benefit the NCM

NOTE: This auction will end at Midnight EST, Friday, 9 Dec 2022.
No bids will be accepted after the auction ends
so get your final bids in now before it's too late!

As part of our the GSR's ongoing support to the National Corvette Museum, each year we purchase a large, vertical banner that is hung in the NCM parking lot or around the main building at the facility in Bowling Green, KY.

Each Labor Day, the banners are replaced with new ones and the old banners are returned to the clubs and organizations that paid for them. A photo of last year's banner is shown above. Pretty cool, eh?

My Corvette Room and Garage are full, so rather than take up space in my closet or storage shed, it would look much better in some other member's garage, man cave, bedroom (hey, ya never know), or wherever. These are double-sided, printed on heavy duty vinyl to stand up to the elements and are 29" wide x 60" tall. The GSR's annual cost to purchase a banner, as a donation to the NCM, is $500, but you could potentially get it for less.

We will hold a SILENT AUCTION in which the highest bidder will win the banner with all proceeds going to the National Corvette Museum. We'll run the auction for a couple weeks or so and I'll keep a running tally on the GSR Home Page of the latest highest bid, but bidder names will be kept confidential. At the end of the auction, with his/her approval I'll publicly announce the winner and ship them the banner.

In this way, our banner will bring even more money to the NCM and become a great memento for the winner, as well. We'll send a nice letter to the NCM along with the high bidder's donation, to recognize his/her contribution and the GSR's continued support.

To bid, simply send a PRIVATE EMAIL to me at with your bid. Minimum $10 increments, please. I'll update the website daily. If you get outbid, feel free to bid again. If you place a bid please be kind and be prepared to honor your commitment.

You will be able to make out your check directly to the National Corvette Museum, a 501c(3) organization, so you may readily take advantage of any tax deduction on your federal income tax return.

Remember... bid high and bid often! :)


John "Hutch" Hutchinson

\\ Grand Sport Registry
"A Legend Reborn!"
The GSR is a Proud Lifetime NCM Club Member

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